News of the Amsterdam Centre for Orthodox Theology


Father John Behr appointed Professor at Aberdeen University

The School of Divinity, History and Philosophy of the University of Aberdeen has announced the appointment of Father John Behr as a Professor in Divinity, beginning next summer. He will combine this prestigious position with his part-time position of the Metropolitan Kallistos chair in Orthodox Theology in The Netherlands.

Oxford Patristics Conference

Between 19 and 24 August the XVIII. International Conference on Patristic Studies took place, at which Father John Behr was one of the main speakers. He delivered his lecture about the Gospel of John in the 2nd century in a packed hall (around 1000 people attended the conference). The lecture of Father Andrew Louth was entitled ‘Division of Being in Maximos and Eriugena’. Father Michael Bakker addressed in his lecture the subject of intuitive or spiritual knowledge versus rational knowledge in the Mystagogia of St Maximos.

Conference on sexuality and pastoral care

Another conference took place in Oxford this summer between16 and 19 August. At this gathering the dialogue on sexuality and pastoral care, started along with other initiatives at ACOT two years ago, was continued. This time a larger group of experts could share their knowledge and experience in an atmosphere of trust and engaged interest. New insights were gained and there is still a lot to be learned. For more information, please visit this websiteDuring the conference, the diverse perspectives of some of the fifty participating scholars were captured on video.

Parliament guarantees seminaries freedom of choice

On Tuesday 2 July the lower chamber of the Dutch Parliament passed a resolution proposed by the Christian Democratic Party (CDA) and the Liberal Party (VVD), allowing seminaries freedom of choice regarding the university they are based at, whilst retaining their right to financial support from the government. The Orthodox and other denominations have now regained their freedom to structure their educational programme as they see fit. This is an important milestone in the emancipation of the quarter of a million Orthodox in the Netherlands.

Save the date!

On 24 January: Reading sessions led by Father John Behr for ACOT students and alumni, see this page.

On 24 January at 19.00 hrs. Father John Behr will deliver a lecture with the title Standing in the Temple: The Liturgical and Apocalyptic Context of Theology. See this page.