Apophasis & Theosis

This series of four lectures elaborated the lecture entitle “The Nature of Eastern Orthodox Theology”, which Revd. Prof. Andrew Louth gave on 28 May 2010 at the opening of ACEOT. It consisted of the following lectures:

  1. Thursday 18 November 2010, 19:00 hours: St Athanasios of Alexandria, lecture handout: APOPHASIS 1
  2. Friday 17 December 2010, 19:00 hours: St Dionysios the Areopagite, lecture handout: APOPHASIS 2
  3. Thursday 17 February 2011, 19:00 hours: St Maximos Confessor, lecture handouts: APOPHASIS 3
  4. Thursday 14 April 2011, 19:15 hours: St Gregory Palamas, lecture handout: APOPHASIS 4


The last two lectures have been filmed and are part of an album of web lectures, which is available in Apple’s iTunes U. You need to install the program iTunes on your PC or Apple in order to download the web lectures and watch them on you computer or iPhone. Also part of the album is a recording of the lecture “The Nature of Eastern Orthodox Theology”, which Fr Andrew repeated on 14 April 2011; its text is also included in the album.

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